Retired professional. Thinking like a painter a lot more now. It's a graphic/design array that can infer all sorts of things. Focusing almost exclusively on my imaging projects. Lottsa pro-bono work
LAST MOST FUN 'JOB'  //  Cheesemonger (Like right on my Tax Forms!), Specialty cheese & gourmet food retail. Too bad about that Pandemic thing. KAPLOOEY!
PREVIOUSLY  // Commercial & event photography. Lottsa broadcast news, Lottsa early online stuff. Lottsa useless degrees 
OTHER // Project management for print collateral for a segment of the RV industry. This period is the source of most of my archives I kept taking photographs from that sense of WHERE DID I JUST LAND MY SAUCER! Place & subject never subjugates the forms. Work territory from Seattle to San Diego.

photography by Wendy Gorski
Thank you!

Pt. Dume Practice - Monochrome Photography Awards 2019 : Honorable Mention in Professional Nature Category

Utah Picnic - FLOAT Magazine : The Road 2019. Selection for the digital slideshow installation.
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